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The Boredom of Playing Low Limit Poker

Playing poker at low limits may be exciting and fun at first, but it's very easy to quickly grow bored from playing low limit poker. It could be a problem if you are playing poker to make money and you want to get serious about your game. It could also be a problem if you do not have enough money to play in limits higher than the low poker limits. Although low limit poker can easily get boring, it is a necessary step in any serious poker players campaign.

How to Avoid Boredom

There are a couple of different techniques you can use to avoid the boredom of low limit poker. For starters, try setting some goals. If you are working for something while you are playing poker then it will make things a lot more interesting. A good goal to set would be to get up to a specific amount that would allow you to move up in limits. Not only that, but you could set some mini goals in between. This is a great way to avoid getting bored. It makes things more serious and you will care more about the small amount of money that you may not normally care too much about. If you are playing $0.05-$0.10 holdem, then it probably is not too easy to care if you lose your $5.00 buy in. Setting goals and trying to achieve a specific amount will help with that.

Challenge Yourself

The best way to make something interesting is to put yourself to the challenge. Of course if you have a good imagination you could just pretend you are playing for thousands of dollars. Unfortunately that does not work for most. Instead, you could give yourself a nice little challenge. Similar to what was described above, it all starts with having goals. Make little challenges for yourself and make sure you accomplish them. If you have the right kind of personality, this will take away all boredom.

Playing Higher Limits

Eventually you will be able to play in higher limits. There are a variety of different ways you can justify playing in higher limit poker games. For starters you could invest money from your pocket for a bigger bankroll. That would be the easiest way to start playing higher limits. Probably the best way however would be to earn more money for your bankroll from playing poker. You might start out bored at lower limits but just remember that once you hit a specific amount you can move up to higher limits. It might take some time, but just forget about the money. Stay focused on your goals and do not think about money until you do reach the higher limits.

If you are playing serious poker you should have a very specific amount of money in your bankroll before moving up in limits. In order to justify a table limit, you should have at least 30-40 max buy ins (at a no limit or pot limit cash game). If you are playing in sit n goes you should have 40 buy ins and if you are playing at fixed limit games you should have 300 big blinds. That is the best way to decide which limits you will be playing in.