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Why Online Poker is Better than Live Poker

Many people are aware of the distinct (and often subtle) differences between online poker and live poker. However, with a little experience, you will likely find that online poker is the far superior venue. This is especially the case if you are attempting to make a living playing poker. In live poker you can only play so often but online poker allows you to play whenever you like. People that use strategy involving long term games of very careful and calculated bets will certainly enjoy the flexibility of online poker. However, what are some of the other differences that make online poker superior? This article explains the top 6 reasons why online poker is better than live poker.

#1 Multiple Games at Once

While playing online, you can play many tables at the same time. This sort of flexibility would be almost impossible while playing live poker. Playing multiple poker tables is how some online players can see massive amounts of hands per hour. There is so much more profit that can be made in these poker games, because you are playing so many more hands. You could never play multiple tables in a live poker game. This is probably the best part about online poker. You can scale your game out to very high amounts.

#2 Strategic Tools

Ever struggle to remember how your opponent played a hand 20 hands ago? In online poker, this is seldom a problem. Most websites offer tools that you can use to see your hand history, your hands per hour and (most importantly) how your opponent bet when he was holding a pair of 2s. Not only that, but there are many 3rd party poker software packages available that have advanced tracking tools. Along with that, you can get player databases that allow you to know what kind of player you are up against in each game.

#3 Flexibility

Depending on where you live, you can have a difficult time finding a lounge where poker is played regularly. Thus, if you feel like playing some poker you must either round up a group of friends with some extra cash or hop in the car. However, online poker is available and you can play poker 24/7, and there'll be enough players to allow you to play. You never have to worry about finding a poker game.

#4 Selection of Games

You may want to play 5 card stud while your friends are more into Texas Hold 'Em. In live poker this can be a real issue. However, with online poker, this is never a problem. There are thousands of poker sites with thousands of tables online today. If you want to play 5 card stud, you will be able to find a game that suits your game, limit and style.

#5 Anonymity

It may be your strategy to fool opponents into thinking you just won the lottery and you're an old lady looking to have some fun with her bankroll. Indeed, in live poker it can be difficult to fool people without a film quality make up crew. However, the simple act of making your screen name online can be enough to fool your opponents. Simply type in "JustRichandRetired" and your opponents will be eager to "take advantage" of such an easy target.

#6 Comfort

When you play online poker, you can play from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Live poker venues can be noisy, smoky and uncomfortable places to be for long periods of time. However, you can relax on your favorite chair and put on a good movie while you play poker online and work on paying for the movie that you're watching (or even the house you're occupying if you are lucky!). If you suddenly feel like moving somewhere else, you can do so without interrupting the game. This flexibility is one of the finest reasons to play online poker.