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How to Win Consistently at Online Poker

Online Poker has made it very easy to play poker at any time from any place against millions of different poker players. There is always a poker game to be found, and you can play at 20 different tabls at the same time - if you like. Although there is nothing like a good live poker game, internet poker has its benefits. In fact, many pros prefer playing online poker versus playing at a live poker game. That's probably because it is much more profitable if done the right way. You just have to be able to win consistently.

Playing within your Limits

The number one thing you must do when playing poker online, is to play within your limits. There are all sorts of different limits at an online poker room. The problem is that it's not likely that you are ready to play in any limits except the lower ones. Eventually you will consistently beat those games and get bored. At that point you will want to move up to higher limits, but that probably wouldn't be the right move.

If you are going to win at online poker, you must have a bankroll. Your online poker bankroll should be at least 40 buy ins if you are playing in a No Limit or Pot Limit ring game. If you are playing Limit poker, then you should have at least 300 big blinds. If you are playing in sit n goes, then you should have at least 40 buy ins. The limits that you play in should be based upon the amount of money you have as a bankroll. If you only have $500, then you should be playing at $25 tables or lower. Even the $25 games are stretching it, as this is only around 20 buy ins. This is the first step to winning consistently at online poker. No matter what, you must always stay within your limits.

Play Bad Players

The nice part about online poker is that there are many different ways that you can figure out who the bad players are. Not only that, but you can sit down wherever you want. During play make sure you are taking note of players that are a good match for you to make money. Eventually you will accumulate a very long list. Each time you log in to play you should be searching for those players. Sit down at tables with all of the bad players and you will be amazed at your results. This is a very easy concept that many players do not follow. Why would you not want to play with players that you know you can make money off of?

There is also a lot of poker software available out there that will help you figure out who the fish are. If you want to use something like that, you could have a big advantage. Either way, there is no better poker strategy then using your own head. Only you can know which players are the best for you to play against.

Online Multi-Table Play

Once you get the hang of everything it's a good idea to test out multi-table online poker play. When you play at multiple poker tables you can increase your win rate by a lot, if you are good at it. For many players, this just messes them up. If you are one of those players, then you will probably never have a very high win rate. There are not many professional online poker players that do not use some sort of multi-table method. In fact, most will be playing at more than 20 tables during a session. Playing in that many games at once will allow you to make 20x the profit then if you played at just one table. Be aware however, as you could also lose a lot faster if you are not a winning poker player. Start off at just a few tables and work your way up.

Most importantly if you are going to be a winning online poker player, you must be good at the game and have a high skill level. You should have a full understanding of the game before you even think of playing at the levels described above. That is first and foremost. Once you believe you know everything there is to know about the game, then you can start putting these methods into practice.