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Basic Rebuy Poker Tournament Tips

A rebuy tournament is a tournament in which once the poker player is knocked out or their stack goes below the starting amount they will be able to buy back into the tournament for the starting amount of chips for the same price as they originally came into the tournament for. This rebuy period is normally over at the end of the first half hour to hour. After the rebuy period is over players are allowed to purchase an add-on which is just an addition to their chips (normally around the same amount as the rebuy amount of chips was).

Rebuy tournaments normally have pretty good turn outs at the top online poker rooms and large prize pools too. Whatever the prize pool is originally when you start the event you can expect to triple at the end of the rebuy period. Knowing how to handle yourself in a rebuy poker tournament will help you enter the non rebuy period a lot stronger than most. Knowing some basic rebuy tournament tips will help you create your edge against your opponents.

Maximize Your Stack

One of the best openings in a rebuy tournament is to limp into the pot and then fold allowing yourself to rebuy for just under a double stack. By doing this you are allowing yourself to have a double stack immediately without having to win a pot. You want to do this because any time afterwards that you are in a hand with a player who has done the same or doubled up in a pot you can win their whole stack.

The main difference of a rebuy tournament compared to a regular poker tournament is that you are allowed to be knocked out and buy in again. This allows for great opportunities during the rebuy period. You want to focus on keeping your stack as big as you can get it so that when the rebuy period is over you have a larger stack than most players and the ability to coast to the money. This is why you will always purchase the add-on as well at the end of the rebuy period.

Loose To Start

You want to be playing a lot looser than anyone would normally play in a tournament during the rebuy period of these poker tournaments. You will find a lot more value in draws here so you will be playing a lot more hands. Suited connectors and suited aces are very strong in this part of the tournament. This is because they have the potential to make huge hands that will win huge pots. Other players are also playing looser than normal so they will be chasing a lot more draws as well. Suited aces will be your bread and butter a lot of times in this tournament because you will over flush players when they hit their flush along with you.

Aggressive With Draws

While you are playing a lot more draws you want to be playing more aggressive poker than normal with them. Since the whole objective is to play rather crazy you want to be building up these pots as big as you can. Even if you lose the pot, you can always rebuy.

Another key factor about being aggressive with your draws is that you are also cracking down on fold equity. Any extra chips you can win you want to. Whether you go to the river and win a huge pot at showdown or just get a few extra bets in and win with a fold you are still earning more chips than your opponents.