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Managing Multiple Poker Tables Online

Just about any serious online poker player has some sort of multi-table poker strategy. This simply means that they are playing at multiple poker tables at once. Most will play on anywhere from 4-20 tables spontaneously. That may seem like a lot to you (and it is), but thousands of people make a living playing online poker every day this way. It is much more profitable and a lot more interesting than just playing at one or two tables at the same time. With a little bit of practice and some experience, you too will be able to make a killing playing poker on multiple tables.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you first start playing at more than one poker table at once, it can get very confusing. It is a good idea to practice before you start doing this. Also, you should start playing at 4 or 5 tables at once before you start playing 20 tables at once. Slowly work your way up, and before you know it you will be right where you want to be. This is the type of thing that makes playing poker for free money a great option. What better way to test out multi table play than with play money? You can try it out with zero risk to your poker bankroll, before you put all of your money on all of those tables.

Once you start to develop, you will be able to play poker like it is second nature. Another nice little tip is to log on and observe somebody else playing poker on multiple tables. Just go to the medium stakes games and search for a few players. It will not take you long to find someone that is playing on 10+ tables. Open a few of their tables and watch how they play.

Multi-Table Poker Strategy

The idea of a multi-table poker strategy, is fairly simple. It is all about the math and the odds. If you are playing on more than 8 tables, then you can forget reading your opponents and making "good plays". At this point, it is all about the odds. All of your decisions should be mathematically chosen. If you always put your money in when you are the favorite, and you have a better chance to win than lose - then you will win in the long run. There is no room however, for messing around and playing cards that you do not belong playing. Folding is very important when using this poker strategy. At the same time, you have to mix it up a bit and raise with various hands. Otherwise, your table will never pay you off if you are just playing winners and they catch on to that.

In order to play on a lot of tables at once, you will need at very least a dual monitor set up. Many poker players have a lot more than just 2 monitors. If you have 3 decent size monitors set up, you can play 20+ tables at once, without any problems. Whatever you do, just do not try to play 20 tables on your laptop. That does not seem to work out very well for the majority. And of course don't forget that you should be analyzing your poker game at all times to ensure you are making the most out of your multi-table strategy. If playing too many tables is causing a dip in your profits then, slow down a bit.