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Poker is a Long Term Game

The first thing you should understand about poker is that it is a long term game. That is, if you are going to take your poker game to a serious level. If you are just playing for fun, then that is not the case. If you are playing to win or to make a living playing poker, then you should know that poker is a long term game and you cannot measure your success based on any given poker session. You could have 10 winning poker sessions in a row and still be a losing poker player. In order to truly measure your success, you must measure it based off long term results over the course of a year or more.

The same goes if you are losing at poker. Do not worry about losing a poker session here and there. You might be a losing poker player for quite some time before you become a winner. Poker takes a lot of experience, and this costs money. There is nothing more valuable than your experience at the poker table. That is where you will learn about what kind of player you are and everything else there is to know about the game. You will go through good times and bad times.

Tracking Results

The only way you can tell how good you are doing is by tracking and analyzing your poker results. The key however, is to not pay any attention to the short term results and only look at the long term results. It doesn't matter how much money you make in any given poker session. It does not matter how much money you lose. What is important is how much you are profiting over the long run. If you have lost money over the course of the year or even if you have made just a bit of money, you have to ask yourself what you are doing wrong.

You should be tracking everything that you possibly can. The first thing you should do when you walk into a card room or you log on to your online poker account is pull out your pen and paper or whatever it is you record with. Record your buy in, the time, the date, the limits, the amount of players in the game and anything else you can think of. Along with that, you should note what kind of mood you are in and how you are feeling. If you are hungry while you are playing then record it. If you have a cold, then record it. The more details you have about your poker sessions the better. Then of course when you leave you should be recording the time and the amount and everything else.

The only way you can really tell what is really going on is by tracking your results. As long as you are being honest about the money you are making then those results will not lie. They will tell you everything you need to know about your ability to make money at poker in the long run.

Odds and Math

In the long term game of poker it is all about the odds and the math. In the long run the probabilities will always work out the way they should. If you play in favor of the odds then you will win in the long run. That is just a fact. If you play against the odds then you are going to lose in the long run. On any given poker session you could win playing against the odds and you could lose playing with the odds. That is the whole point here. One poker session or even 10 sessions do not matter. It is all about the long term. What about 10,000 sessions? That is when everything will prove to work out the way it should.

The reason why poker is such a great game is because anyone could win a lot of money on any given night. Even the worst of players can have a big winning night. If it were any different, then the pros would be out of a job. In order for everything to work the way it should, you will need time. It doesn't matter how much you win tonight or tomorrow night. It matters how much you win over the long haul.